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Nutrition Garden and Integrated Farming System through Natural Resource Management 

To improve the Dietary Diversity Score in the diet of pregnant and under five children by Consuming of Vitamin-A rich fruits and dark green leafy vegetables, off camps training on Nutrition Garden were organized for the Women consisting of the mothers of SAM and MAM children and pregnant mothers of some selected households  utilizing the backyard area of their house by cultivating different fruits and vegetables so that they could bring diversity in their daily diet. As market is situated far away from the target villages promotion of Nutrition Garden adds availability of food year round and bring diversity in daily diet using own chemical free organic fertilizer. Seeds of vegetable of local variety can be preserved for growing the crops in next year. Due to year around availability of vegetables, the household may sell the surplus vegetables to the market and buy flesh foods with the earnings which again increase the household diet diversity. During training benefit of Integrated Farming System considering crops, fish and animals were also explained not only to bring diversity in their diet but also enhancing family income to a great extent. This farming system also helped to reduce migration for the family who practiced this one.

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