Sri Ramkrishna Ashrama, Nimpith


Sri Ramkrishna Ashrama, Nimpith works on rural developments to tackle people’s problems, established schools, island service center, and health center, and plan to bring in gradual self-reliance through agricultural research, etc. The main motive of Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith was to help people by solving generic problems, like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and illness. Over time, Nimpith Ashram worked on almost every possible problem.

  • Deep or semi-deep water rice management
  • Management of saline and alkaline soils
  • Creation of minor irrigation opportunities through rainwater harvesting
  • Promotion of rabi cotton in rice fallows
  • Introduction of the cotton-based intercropping system in the moisture-stressed rice fallows.  
  • Promotion of sunflower under rainfed situation         
  • Doorstep marketing of seed cotton
  • Management of wasteland
  • Use of organic and inorganic fertilizers in rice
  • Productivity enhancement of rabi cotton through varietal replacement
  • Management of problematic soil
  • Productivity enhancement of sunflower by introducing new variety and fertilizer management    
  • Introduction of IPM and INM technologies in different agronomical and horticultural crops
  • Forecasting of insect pests and diseases based on weather conditions
  • Supply of bioagents and biopesticides to farmers
  • Incorporation and promotion of eco-friendly chemical pesticides in IPM strategies
  • Mass production of bioagents and biopesticides
  • Reduction in use of highly toxic pesticide spray in vegetable crops
  • Introduction of IRM strategies in cotton and other crops
  • Protected cultivation of off-season vegetables through Green House technology
  • Entrepreneurship development among rural youth through the establishment of the small-scale production units of biocontrol agents
  • Introduction of protective cultivation technology for better productivity & quality production
  • Horticultural nursery development for the rural youths
  • Supply of quality seeds at farmers’ doorsteps
  • Low-cost fish and prawn culture technology
  • Breeding of Asian Cat Fish and IMC at farmers’ level
  • Entrepreneurship development through ornamental fish culture
  • Self-employment generation through dairy farming (crossbred)
  • Self-employment generation through Black Bengal Goat farming
  • Establishing a marketing network through a buy-back system between ornamental fish breeders and growers (farmers).
  • Promotion of breed-up gradation and cross-breeding program in dairy cattle
  • Promotion of green fodder cultivation
  • Distribution of carp seeds (spawn, fry & fingerlings) to fish farmers and members of SHG’s
  • Distribution of Asian catfish seeds to the fish farmers of the locality
  • Enhancing nutritional status among womenfolk
  • Entrepreneurship development among womenfolk through SHG
  • Empowerment of women for quality life

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