Sri Ramkrishna Ashrama, Nimpith


Sri Ramkrishna Ashrama, Nimpith works on rural developments to tackle people’s problems, established schools, island service center, and health center, and plan to bring in gradual self-reliance through agricultural research, etc. The main motive of Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith was to help people by solving generic problems, like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and illness. Over time, Nimpith Ashram worked on almost every possible problem.

Skill Up! Project

The project aims to promote Green College for rural communities’ skill development in green trades such as sustainable farming, Animal Husbandry, Integrated Fishing, Food Processing and Preservation, Nutrition Garden, Vermicompost, Agricultural Bio inputs, and Sustainable Harvesting and Processing of produce, among others.The training courses combine traditional community wisdom with modern scientific knowledge to assist small and marginal farmers in becoming entrepreneurs by providing better access to business development skills, technology, finance, and markets. As a result, it has been attempting to ensure a significantly higher income while also restoring pride and dignity to the rural people.

  1. Women’s empowerment, unemployed rural youths, minorities, and temporary jobless migrant labours are all prioritized in this project (due to COVID-19).
  2. The trainee’s well-being and development as a successful
  3. Gender balance among
  4. Improve food safety and education in the local
  5. Support for digital
  6. Online monitoring
  7. Promotion of climate-smart
  8. Examining agri-related course curricula through the lens of climate change, and incorporating climate resilience and adaptation strategies into course and
  9.  Diversification of the food basket while maintaining a high level of quality
  10. Developing a QS intervention mapping strategy for Green College
  11. Hands on training on quality standard.
  12. Use of social media person, Agencies, Line Depts., Farmers Club, Financial Institutions etc.

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